Northeast Counterdrug Training Center

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First Responders

Bulletproof Mind

BULLETPROOF MIND is a presentation in which Lt. Col. Grossman presents a model for action that ensures professionals can train for and overcome the unique mental stressors of possible violence. Find out what to expect when your heart rate rises and blood drains from your face, and how to avoid it.

Naloxone Administration for First Responders

Naloxone can be a lifesaving drug when administered in a timely manner to a person who is overdosing on opioids. Naloxone Administration for First Responders is a course designed to provide the training any first responder carrying Naloxone is required to complete. Students will be instructed on how Pennsylvania is addressing the opioid epidemic, how to recognize an overdose, administering naloxone in three different forms, and compliance with PA Act 139.

Phoenix Training - Addiction and Connection to Treatment

Those enrolled in this course will learn the principles of trauma informed practices and how to have positive interactions with those suffering from substance use disorder. Practical skills such as engagement techniques, Naloxone administration and how to connect individuals to treatment options will also be taught. Those who complete this training will have a better understanding of the disease of addiction and how they can be part of someone’s recovery.