Northeast Counterdrug Training Center

High Risk Entry Facility (HREF) Facilities Usage Request

Please use the form below to request the use of the NCTC HREF Facility. HREF is located in Building 4-7 at Fort Indiantown Gap. You may also use this form to request the use of the Virtual Reality (VR) Training Simulator as a standalone training.

*Note: All dates requested must be reserved prior to submitting the online request form. Please contact HREF facility staff at 717-861-2486 or 717-861-2197 or email at to check availability and reserve dates.


Would you like to request lodging for your team members throughout your training dates? NOTE: This request does not guarantee lodging can be provided. Lodging requests will be approved or denied based off of availability and need. The HREF staff will confirm availability of lodging after request is received.

K-9 Acknowledgement:

K-9 assets are not permitted to occupy the NCTC campus to include: lodging, campus grounds, common areas or associated facilities. Upon prior request and approval of the HREF NCOIC, K-9 assets will only be authorized to be present and utilized during training within the HREF building and fenced in area of the HREF/bldg. 4-7.

Click here to read the High Risk Entry Training MOU.