Northeast Counterdrug Training Center

Distance Learning Center (DLC) Facilities Usage Request

Please use the form below to request the use of the NCTC Facility. Classrooms 1 and 2 are located in Building 8-63 at Fort Indiantown Gap.

*Note: There has been a change to our computer use procedures as of 01 OCT 17. With our upgrade to Microsoft Surface Pro machines, units requiring use of computers will need to have a current DA 1687 and Assumption of Command Memo on file with CJTF in order to sign for the computers to be used. A Training Coordinator will be in touch with you shortly after the request is made in order to obtain these documents. Only individuals listed on the DA 1687 will be able to sign (DA 2062) for computers (Army Only). PAANG units do not have to have these forms on file, however, they will need to sign for the machines on an AF 1297.