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Advanced Undercover Techniques for the Narcotics Officer

This “practical scenario” training has been designed to complement and expand the one week Basic Undercover Techniques for the Narcotics Officer course. Each student will receive an unique exposure and practical application to real undercover situations in a safe and evaluated environment. The goal is to provide training to officer in an effort to make sure every undercover officer gets home to their loved ones each and every night.

Basic Undercover Techniques for the Narcotics Officer

This course has been designed to complement the experienced undercover officer as well as bring a "new" undercover up to a level of awareness, safety and knowledge that is required of those seasoned undercovers. The course covers effective recruitment and utilization of informants, identifying safety considerations and unique problems associated with undercover work, addressing the psychological challenges of undercover work, identifying difficult undercover situations and demonstrating methods to resolve them (drugs, alcohol, sex, and other crimes), understanding prosecutorial guidelines, regulations and entrapment issues, discussing risk management of undercover operations, examine key issues in the supervision of undercover units and personnel, demonstrating techniques for infiltration of transnational criminal organizations, identifying and demonstrating briefing and debriefing technique and professional documentation/courtroom preparation and testimony.  Maybe most important is how criminals identify Undercover Officers as Law Enforcement. 

Role of the Undercover

This course trains new and experienced undercover officers to conduct safe and efficient undercover narcotic operations and understand the roles and responsibilities of other team members. The course stresses how to conduct every undercover operation safely and efficiently. In addition to classroom instruction, the course includes many practical exercises.

Top Gun: Undercover Drug Investigations

Top Gun employs a mix of mediums to enhance learning. The course is built around a straight forward fact scenario. The student will hear lectures and mini-lectures from experts on both the legal principles and the practical aspects of the topics. Immediately following each lecture, students will participate in small group workshops, where they will have the opportunity to apply the fact scenario to the principles just learned.

Student selections are made by the sponsoring state agency, not NCTC.

Undercover Management

This course is designed for supervisors who are tasked with supervision or planning undercover operations. The course is designed to motivate and empower the student supervisor to effectively and safely supervise undercover operations and to be cognizant of the skills, tactics, and dangers associated with conducting such undercover narcotic operations.