Northeast Counterdrug Training Center

Pennsylvania Overdose Information Network (ODIN) User Training

The Overdose Information Network (ODIN) is a Pennsylvania statewide overdose, naloxone administration and drug identifiable markings application for all PA law enforcement, first responders, and non-law enforcement agencies with a requirement to report on naloxone usage and overdoses within the Commonwealth. For law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, ODIN provides real-time intelligence on overdoses, seizures from those trafficking heroin, identifiable packaging, locations of incidents involving opioids, and other critical information needed from an enforcement perspective. Analysis of overdose and naloxone information within ODIN measure lives saved, geographic location of administrations, results of an administration, instances of multiple administrations to de-identified individuals, demographics of victims receiving naloxone, and much more. Upon completion of this training, students will receive access to the ODIN database through the Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Intelligence Center.

Disclaimer: This course is developed by the Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Intelligence Center in accordance with PA Senate Act No. 158, Overdose Mapping Act

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Navigate to ODIN via the JNET Portal
  2. Create an Overdose Incident in ODIN
  3. Create a Drug Markings Incident in ODIN
  4. Search Identifiable Markings in ODIN
  5. Utilize the ODIN Overdose Dashboard
  6. Utilize the ODIN Investigative Dashboard
  7. Review and Publish Reports in ODIN

Prerequisites: All students must have a valid JNET User Account

Course Length: 3 hours

Who May Attend: PA Law Enforcement (Including offices of Probations and Parole, District Attorneys and Sheriffs)

If you are a sworn law enforcement officer within the State of Pennsylvania with a valid ORI number, but do not have a JNET Account, please contact the JNET Service Desk at, or 1-877-327-2465 prior to registering.

There are no future events scheduled for this course.