Northeast Counterdrug Training Center

Opioid Awareness Seminar

Course Description:
The sudden rise in opioid and prescription narcotic deaths, both nationally and throughout the Commonwealth, has presented a unique challenge to local communities. The Opioid Awareness Seminar focuses on national, statewide and local trends relating to heroin, prescription opioids, and other opioid compounds. Overdose awareness, recognizing a potential addiction and community prevention/treatment programs will also be discussed providing a realization of how the opioid epidemic can affect the school environment and the community. 
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
  1. Understand how pain receptors works in the human body and how opioid pain medications affect these receptors
  2. Analyze current national and statewide trends in regards to adolescent opioid abuse
  3. Understand the pharmacology of other opioid compounds and how they can become an attractive replacement to opioid pain medications
  4. Describe the signs of an opioid overdose
  5. Understand statewide trends regarding drug related overdose deaths
  6. Recognize the warning signs of a possible opioid addiction
  7. Understand what can be done at the school/community level to help combat the opioid epidemic
Prerequisites: None
Course Length: 1 hour
Who May Attend: Educators, Counselors, School Staff Members, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military, Health Care Professionals and Community Based Organizations

There are no future events scheduled for this course.