Northeast Counterdrug Training Center

Financial Planning

Course Description:

This course is a comprehensive guide to designing and funding law enforcement and community-based programs for beginners. The course provides hands-on instruction for the writing requirements of all typical sections of a federal or state grants aimed at law enforcement or non-profit entities. The course also provides instruction on where to find funding sources in both the public and private sectors. As well as comprehensive presentation materials, the attendees are provided with eight to ten handouts that are a step-by-step tutorial of how to assemble a grant team, how to manage a grant writing effort, how to design program goals and how to put together a financial plan to maximize the likelihood of being awarded a grant. The course stresses the early planning work required to ensure minimization of risk and maximizing the planned program outcomes.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the types of grants available and the public and private sector sources of funds for counterdrug strategies and other law enforcement/non-profit programs
  2. Critically read a grant application or review a potential funding source to determine the likelihood of funding
  3. Assemble a grant writing/program team and perform some early processes that will increase the likelihood of funding and reduce program financial risk
  4. Design a program including problem identification, problem solving, equipment requirements, finding people and developing partner relationships
  5. Develop a budget and financial plan
  6. Write the core sections of most grant programs, including executive summary, defining the problem, approach, outcomes and goals, budget justification, management plan, collaboration plan, key people and sustainability plan
  7. Build support for their program from political and private sector sources
  8. Understand the principles of grant management and put in place safeguards to reduce risk and ensure success

Prerequisites: Each student should have basic computer skills in word processing using Microsoft Office

Course Length: 2 days / 16 hours

Who May Attend: Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military, Law Enforcement Support, Community-Based Organizations

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