Northeast Counterdrug Training Center

Dark Web, Crypto, & Metaverse Challenges for Law Enforcement

Course Description:

Criminals are increasingly utilizing the Dark Web and Cryptocurrency to conduct their illicit activities ranging from narcotic trafficking, smuggling to fraudulent scams, various child crimes, and contract hackers. In 2021, there was a dramatic increase in trafficking activities occurring in the Metaverse. The metaverse? What is the metaverse? How do you access it? To effectively combat these emerging trends, law enforcement officers need to develop a fundamental knowledge base blockchain technology and Web 3.0. This course will provide an overview of the metaverse with an emphasis on methods to identify criminal activity. The course will provide an overview on techniques to securely access the dark web, identifying dark web marketplaces, and establishing covert dark web accounts. The final block of instruction will transition into the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, and methods to securely establishing cryptocurrency wallets, which are needed to transact on the dark web and metaverse. A laptop or tablet is recommended, but not required.

Prerequisites: None

Course Length: 2 days/ 16 hours

Who May Attend: Law Enforcement

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