Northeast Counterdrug Training Center

Advanced Narcotic Operations

Course Description:

Covert operations are unpredictable and have the potential to turn deadly in a split second. Many covert operations proactively target the worst criminals operating in communities by using undercover (UC) law enforcement officers or confidential informants (CI). Unfortunately, the UC or CI often becomes the victim of a robbery, kidnapping, or other violent act. Initially, the UC or CI must aggressively fight or utilize stall tactics to save their life.

In an effort to replicate real life scenarios, this four-day, high intensity training course uses reality-based training tactics. Officers will participate in outdoor practical scenarios forcing rescue times to perform in high stress situations. Officers will learn proper tactics and techniques to conduct vehicle, structural, and open-air rescues often experienced in covert operations. Basic tactical trauma techniques will also be presented to teach officers how to treat wounds suffered in the field. This course was designed by several instructors from one of the largest police departments in the United States. All instructors have extensive tactical experience in both training and executing emergency rescues. The primary instructor is a certified Simunition instructor and will serve as the lead safety officer during live fire and Simunition drills.

 Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and demonstrate proper pre-operation intelligence
  2. Demonstrate safe and proper room clearing techniques
  3. Demonstrate proper control techniques of suspects
  4. Control runners, hostage situations, and other hazards
  5. Understand the proper use of equipment
  6. Properly execute a narcotic-related search warrant
  7. Properly execute vehicle assaults
  8. Perform undercover officers rescues during emergency situations
  9. Understand supervisory role during tactical narcotic operations

Prerequisites: Tactics for Narcotic Warrants

Course Length: 4 days / 32 hours

Who May Attend: Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military

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