The Northeast Counterdrug Training Center conducts courses in five distinct paths:

Law Enforcement/Interdiction
Narco-terrorism/Homeland Security
Drug Demand Reduction
Military-Led Instruction
National Guard Bureau

NCTC offers 60 different types of courses in the above mentioned concentrations and conducts over 200 classes each year.

The NCTC Instructor pool is comprised of experienced subject matter experts in the fields of law enforcement, drug interdiction, investigations and intelligence prior to employment at NCTC. Each instructor undergoes a rigorous review and selection process prior to employment at NCTC. Our experienced military instructors bring their unique knowledge and skills to the classroom for each of our military-led courses.

Agencies and Organizations We Serve

Professional ClassificationsĀ 

Law Enforcement
+ State Police ACT 120 (or equivalent)
+ Federal Police Officers
+ DHS Enforcement
+ County Sheriffs
+ Military Police
+ Code Enforcement

+ Criminal Investigators
+ Federal Investigators

+ Corrections Officer
+ Probation Officer
+ Parole Officer

Law Enforcement Support
+ Civilian Non-Law Enforcement operating in direct support of LEAs (Administrative Personnel/Analysts)

Military Intelligence
+ Counterdrug Analysts
+ Army Intel MOS 35
+ Air Force Intel AFSC 1N

Counterdrug and Military Personnel
This classification includes military personnel governed under federal statutes or those under orders and assigned to Counterdrug. Case-by-case exceptions may be made.

Community-Based Organizations