CY 2017 Course Schedule  
(As of 01 April 2017)  
Basic Narcotics Investigator   Methamphetamine Clandestine Lab Safety   Tactics for Narcotic Warrants
BNI0117 20-Mar-17 24-Mar-17 FTIG PA   MCL0217 27-Mar-17 31-Mar-17 HREF PA   BTW0117 24-Jan-17 27-Jan-17 HREF PA
  MCL0317 01-May-17 05-May-17 South Burlington VT   BTW0217 07-Feb-17 10-Feb-17 HREF PA
            MCL0417 24-Jul-17 28-Jul-17 Picatinny NJ   BTW0317 07-Mar-17 10-Mar-17 HREF PA
Cell Phone Use In Drug Trafficking Investigations   MCL0117 07-Aug-17 11-Aug-17 Casslake  MN   BTW0417 11-Apr-17 14-Apr-17 Picatinny NJ
CPI0217 09-Feb-17 10-Feb-17 Laredo TX               BTW0517 16-May-17 19-May-17 HREF PA
CPI0317 22-Feb-17 23-Feb-17 New York City  NY   Mexican Drug Cartel Investigations   BTW0617 20-Jun-17 23-Jun-17 HREF PA
CPI0417 04-Apr-17 05-Apr-17 Charlotte NC   MCI0117 24-Jan-17 26-Jan-17 Houston TX   BTW0717 18-Jul-17 21-Jul-17 HREF PA
CPI0517 15-Jun-17 16-Jun-17 FTIG PA   MCI0217 21-Mar-17 23-Mar-17 Milwaukee HID WI   BTW0817 08-Aug-17 11-Aug-17 HREF PA
            MCI0317 TBD TBD NY/NJ HIDTA NY            
Courtroom Testimony In Narcotic Cases   MCI0417 16-May-17 18-May-17 Dearborn MI   Technology Threats & Trends in Narcotic Investigations
CTT0317 15-Mar-17 16-Mar-17 Franklin MA               TAP0217 22-Feb-17 23-Feb-17 Houston TX
CTT0417 18-Apr-17 19-Apr-17 Utica NY   Mexican Drug Cartels   TAP0317 04-Apr-17 05-Apr-17 Methuen MA
CTT0517 06-Jul-17 07-Jul-17 FTIG PA   MDC0117 05-Jan-17 06-Jan-17 FTIG PA   TAP0417 16-May-17 17-May-17 Brooklyn Heights OH
CTT0617 12-Sep-17 13-Sep-17 Elkridge MD   MDC0217 22-May-17 23-May-17 Fairfax  VA            
            MDC0317 20-Jun-17 21-Jun-17 Batavia NY   Trauma Management
Current Heroin Threat   MDC0417 05-Sep-17 06-Sep-17 Picatinny NJ   TMM0317 13-Mar-17 14-Mar-17 Richmond  VA
CHT0217 23-Mar-17 23-Mar-17 FTIG PA               TMM0417 15-Mar-17 16-Mar-17 Lorton VA
CHT0317 28-Mar-17 28-Mar-17 Salisbury  MD   Middle Eastern Intelligence   TMM0517 13-Jun-17 14-Jun-17 Virginia Beach VA
CHT0117 12-Apr-17 12-Apr-17 Franklin TWP PA   MEI0117 10-Jan-17 12-Jan-17 Ashburn VA   TMM0617 15-Jun-17 16-Jun-17 Virginia Beach VA
CHT0417 05-Jun-17 05-Jun-17 Fairfax  VA   MEI0217 24-Jan-17 26-Jan-17 Gary IN   TMM0717 27-Jun-17 28-Jun-17 Arlington VA
CHT0517 13-Jun-17 13-Jun-17 FTIG PA   MEI0317 31-May-17 02-Jun-17 FTIG PA   TMM0817 29-Jun-17 30-Jun-17 Arlington VA
CHT0617 TBD TBD Franklin County PA   MEI0417 29-Aug-17 31-Aug-17 Brentwood NY   TMM0917 29-Mar-17 30-Mar-17 Picatinny NJ
                        TMM0117 27-Mar-17 28-Mar-17 Picatinny NJ
Domestic Terrorism   Money Laundering            
DMT0217 06-Jun-17 07-Jun-17 Meridan CT   MOL0117 01-Mar-17 03-Mar-17 FTIG PA   Undercover Management
DMT0317 03-Aug-17 04-Aug-17 FTIG PA   MOL0217 02-May-17 04-May-17 Milwaukee HID WI   UCM0117 28-Mar-17 30-Mar-17 Meridan CT
            MOL0317 12-Jun-17 14-Jun-17 Fairfax  VA   UCM0217 25-Jul-17 27-Jul-17 Franklin MA
Cannabis Indoor Grow               UCM0317 08-Aug-17 10-Aug-17 Picatinny NJ
CIG0611 13-Sep-11 14-Sep-11 Colchester VT   Narcotics Enforcement & Trafficking Investigations            
CIG0711 19-Sep-11 20-Sep-11 Milwaukee WI   in Hotel/Motel & Parcel/Freight Carriers   Vehicle Interdiction (Commercial)
CIG0811 26-Sep-11 27-Sep-11 FTIG PA   HMP0217 06-Feb-17 07-Feb-17 San Antonio TX   VIC0117 15-May-17 17-May-17 East Chicago IN
            HMP0317 16-May-17 17-May-17 FTIG PA   VIC0217 26-Jun-17 28-Jun-17 Madison  WI
Drug Identification   HMP0117 12-Jun-17 13-Jun-17 Virginia Beach VA            
DRI0117 19-Jan-17 20-Jan-17 FTIG PA               Vehicle Interdiction (Passenger)  
DRI0217 25-Jan-17 26-Jan-17 Niagara NY   NCTC Polygraph Program   VIP0117 25-Jul-17 27-Jul-17 FTIG PA
DRI0317 15-Feb-17 16-Feb-17 Norfolk VA   POL0117 24-Jan-17 14-Apr-17 Bldg 2-100 PA   VIP0217 14-Aug-17 16-Aug-17 Edinburg TX
DRI0417 23-May-17 24-May-17 Cattaraugus NY   POL0217 06-Jun-17 25-Aug-17 Bldg 2-100 PA            
DRI0517 23-Aug-17 24-Aug-17 Newtown PA               Woodland Tactical   
DRI0617 28-Aug-17 29-Aug-17 FTIG PA   Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs & the Narcotics Connection   WDL0117 09-May-17 12-May-17 FTIG PA
            OMG0117 07-Feb-17 08-Feb-17 FTIG PA            
Drug Interdiction and Conducting the Complete Traffic   OMG0217 29-Mar-17 30-Mar-17 Niagara NY            
Stop   OMG0317 04-Apr-17 05-Apr-17 Cleveland OH            
DTS0217 23-Feb-17 24-Feb-17 FTIG PA   OMG0417 12-Jul-17 13-Jul-17 Newtown PA            
DTS0317 13-Mar-17 14-Mar-17 Virginia Beach VA                        
DTS0417 10-Apr-17 11-Apr-17 Bennington County VT   Physical Surveillance              
DTS0517 09-May-17 10-May-17 Elkridge MD   PHY0117 27-Feb-17 03-Mar-17 HREF PA            
DTS0617 23-May-17 24-May-17 Milwaukee HID WI   PHY0217 15-May-17 19-May-17 Brentwood NY            
DTS0717 13-Jul-17 14-Jul-17 FTIG PA   PHY0317 12-Jun-17 16-Jun-17 Madison  WI            
            PHY0417 11-Sep-17 15-Sep-17 HREF PA            
Financial Planning for Counterdrug Strategies                        
FPS0217 01-Feb-17 03-Feb-17 Evansville IN   Role of the Undercover            
FPS0117 22-Aug-17 24-Aug-17 Madison  WI   ROU0117 08-May-17 12-May-17 HREF PA            
            ROU0217 21-Aug-17 25-Aug-17 HREF PA            
Interview and Interrogation in Narcotic Cases                        
28-Mar-17 30-Mar-17 Washington  DC   Senior Polygraph Examiner            
INI0317 04-Apr-17 06-Apr-17 FTIG PA   SPE0117 08-May-17 12-May-17 Indianapolis IN            
INI0417 11-Apr-17 13-Apr-17 Vassalboro ME   SPE0217 12-Jun-17 16-Jun-17 FTIG PA            
INI0517 08-May-17 10-May-17 Virginia Beach VA   SPE0317 10-Jul-17 14-Jul-14 Chicago IL            
INI0617 06-Jun-17 08-Jun-17 Cleveland OH   SPE0417 14-Aug-17 18-Aug-17 Nashville  TN            
INI0717 25-Jul-17 27-Jul-17 Salisbury  MD                        
INI0817 06-Sep-17 08-Sep-17 FTIG PA   Social Networking              
            SNW0217 10-Jan-17 11-Jan-17 Evansville IN            
Interview and Interrogation in Narcotic Cases (Advanced)   SNW0317 19-Apr-17 20-Apr-17 Salisbury  MD            
14-Mar-17 17-Mar-17 Albany NY   SNW0417 09-May-17 10-May-17 Virginia Beach VA            
AII0217 19-Sep-17 22-Sep-17 HREF PA   SNW0517 11-May-17 12-May-17 Methuen MA            
            SNW0617 13-Sep-17 14-Sep-17 Newtown PA            
Introduction to Narco-Terrorism                        
INT0117 07-Feb-17 09-Feb-17 Cleveland OH   Spanish for Uniformed Patrol & Drug Interdiction Officer            
INT0217 14-Feb-17 16-Feb-17 FTIG PA   SP10317 09-May-17 11-May-17 Evansville IN            
INT0317 05-Apr-17 07-Apr-17 Wayne NJ   SP10217 20-Jun-17 22-Jun-17 Methuen MA            
            SP10117 18-Jul-17 20-Jul-17 FTIG PA            
Law Enforcement Intelligence - Basic                        
LEI0117 23-May-17 25-May-17 FTIG PA   Street Gangs in Narcotics Investigations            
LEI0217 14-Aug-17 16-Aug-17 Fairfax  VA   STG0117 06-Jun-17 08-Jun-17 Elkridge MD            
LEI0317 26-Sep-17 28-Sep-17 Methuen MA   STG0217 20-Jun-17 22-Jun-17 Brooklyn Heights OH            
            STG0317 27-Jun-17 29-Jun-17 FTIG PA            
Leading and Managing the Drug Task Force Unit                        
LMP0117 27-Feb-17 03-Mar-17 Hampton Roads VA   Tactical Entry to Methamphetamine Laboratories            
LMP0217 01-May-17 05-May-17 FTIG PA   TML0117 10-Jan-17 13-Jan-17 HREF PA            
LMP0317 07-Aug-17 11-Aug-17 Mason MI   TML0217 06-Mar-17 09-Mar-17 Taylor MI            
            TML0317 17-Apr-17 20-Apr-17 Columbus OH            
Managing Narcotics Informants     TML0417 06-Jun-17 09-Jun-17 HREF PA            
INF0217 17-Jan-17 19-Jan-17 Atlantic City NJ                        
INF0317 27-Jun-17 29-Jun-17 Elkridge MD   Tactical Narcotics Debriefing            
INF0417 01-Aug-17 03-Aug-17 Franklin MA   TDB0117 31-Jan-17 02-Feb-17 HREF PA            
INF0517 15-Aug-17 17-Aug-17 FTIG PA   TDB0217 10-Apr-17 12-Apr-17 Corpus Christi TX            
            TDB0317 07-Jun-17 09-Jun-17 Hamburg NY            
            TDB0417 18-Jul-17 20-Jul-17 Brooklyn Heights OH