This basic-level course is designed to provide an understanding of how to operate as a criminal analyst (2B) as specified in NGR500-2/ANGI-10-801. This course provides basic instruction of how to conduct criminal intelligence analysis in support of Law Enforcement (LE) as described in Mission 2b of NGR 500-2/ANGI-10-801.

Course content: Support Operations, Criminal Analyst Duties and Responsibilities, Informa- tion Research, Link Analysis, Financial and Commodity Flow Analysis, Events and Activity Analysis, Communications Analysis, Analytical Product Development, Threat Assessments, Information Management, Dissemination Techniques. 

Prerequisites: NGB personnel assigned to Counterdrug Criminal Analysis position.

Course Length: 5 days/40 hours.

Who May Attend: Attendees should be Soldiers or Airmen requiring an orientation and familiarization of basic individual and collective tasks required to provide effective criminal intelligence analysis in support of a drug taskforce.