As of September 2016, NCTC is currently seeking it's next accreditation to be awarded by CALEA during the annual CALEA Award Conference to be held March 2017.

NCTC was initially accredited in 2006.  NCTC was the only military-operated CALEA-accredited Public Safety Training Academy for civilian law enforcement in the nation. CALEA's Standards for Public Safety Training Academies© are seen as benchmarks for today's law enforcement training programs. In March 2012, NCTC received its third award and CALEA's elite status of "Accreditation with Excellence" for its history of consecutive flawless on-site assessments. This sustained recognition assures NCTC's spotlight as a center for professional excellence within the law enforcement training community. CALEA's Standards span the topics of certification, organization, direction and authority, human resources, recruitment and selection, instructional systems, program development, training support; and student welfare.

The Certification

Accreditation facilitates an academy's pursuit of professional excellence and is a means for developing or improving upon an academy's relationship with the community it serves. CALEA Standards strengthens an agency's accountability through a continuum of standards that clearly define authority, performance, and responsibilities. Being CALEA Accredited can limit an academy's liability and risk exposure because it demonstrates that recognized standards for public safety training academies have been met, as verified by a team of independent outside CALEA trained assessors. The standards upon which the CALEA Public Safety Training Academy Accreditation Program is based reflect the current thinking and experience of training academy practitioners and accreditation experts.


CALEA Accreditation with Excellence Award

To receive the award in 2012, our organization met the following criteria from CALEA. 

  • Must have a minimum of two previous consecutive CALEA Accreditation awards.
  • Must not have conditions or noncompliance issues resulting from the current or last assessment.
  • Current assessment must have been conducted under the CALEA® Gold Standard Assessment model.
  • At the time of the current assessment, the agency must be in compliance with 90 percent of all applicable other-than-mandatory standards.    
  • Current Assessment Report must have limited file maintenance and not more than two applied discretion issues.
  • Must not be operating under any active Federal Consent Decree or Memorandum of Understanding, or state-level complementary action.   
  • Must not currently be affected by issues that detract from the overall tenets or goals of CALEA Accreditation.
  • Must receive a unanimous recommendation of support from the assigned CALEA Review Committee.