Northeast Counterdrug Training Center Quarterly Newsletter

Spring 2017

2017 YTD Students Training: 7,661

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Act 48 Certification

Digital Forensics

Polygraph / Senior Polygraph

Current Heroin Threat


FLEAT- Federal Law Enforcement Analysts Training

FLETC- Federal Law Enforcement Training Center


NCTC is proud to offer Act 48 credits for any PA professional educator attending our Current Heroin Threat course. Act 48 was established in 1999 and requires all persons holding active certification to complete continuing education credits. NCTC strives to provide the most relevant and meaningful training; adding Act 48 to our accreditation list ensures our students receive credit for required annual training hours at no cost.

International Partnership Training


Maryland Top Gun

In coordination with the National Guard Bureau and our SOUTHCOM partnership, NCTC will host four international students for a counter-narcotics training course in July and August. The students, whose origins are from Belize and Suriname, will take part in a five-week training which will include classroom and practical exercises for search, identification, interviewing and investigative planning to mitigate contraband of organizations within their country and region.


NCTC hosted another successful Maryland Top Gun from 23-29 April. With 160 instructors and students in attendance, the week was filled with classroom instruction, as well as tactical movements and undercover operations. The experienced instructors worked diligently and efficiently with NCTC staff to ensure quality training. Training scenarios were conducted throughout the week utilizing glass houses built for movement operations along with NCTC’s High Risk Entry Facility (HREF), which was a critical asset for culminating exercises. Thank you again to the NCTC staff, and Top Gun’s instructors and students that keep Top Gun returning annually!

Course Highlights

Less than one year after its classroom debut, Woodland Tactical continues to enhance critical navigation and surveillance techniques for students. Pictured right and above, students utilize classroom knowledge with real-world practical exercises.

Welcome Home, LTC Collage


New Course Success

NCTC would like to welcome home LTC Richard Collage, CJTF’s Commander. LTC Collage recently returned home from a one year deployment in Jordan, and is back to business here at CJTF.

In LTC Collage’s absence, MAJ Max Furman acted as the CJTF Commander.

We would like to thank MAJ Furman for his hard work and dedication to the organization, as well as welcoming back LTC Collage. This superior leadership allows NCTC to thrive!


Welcome to the NCTC Family!

In March, NCTC fully unveiled their newest course, The Opioid Awareness Seminar (OAS). This one hour course, designed for educators and other school personnel, outlines the opioid epidemic the Commonwealth is facing and how the epidemic can affect the school and the community. OAS has been highly successful over the last month, delivering 10 iterations to over 400 educators in 7 different counties throughout the state.